What to bring to camp!
& What to leave at home...
What every camper should bring to camp...
+Have all medications with you at registration. 
They are to be turned in at check in. 

Pack These Items and Mark Them With Your Name:

+Bedroll:  sleeping bag or 2 sheets & blankets, pillow
+Flashlight with new batteries.
+Toiletries:  soap,  toothbrush & toothpaste, brush, comb
+Towels & wash cloths
+Clothing: shirts, jeans and shorts, socks and underwear  (bring extra socks)
+2 pairs of old shoes (please no sandals or jellies)
+warm jacket or sweatshirt (nights are chilly in camp)
+pajamas, rain gear, swimsuit and towel
+Bible  (Bibles are available at camp if you do not have one.)
+Insect repellent (stick or bottle - try not to bring spray)
+Dirty Clothes Bag, Camera, books, stationary/stamps (optional)

What to leave at home...
CELL PHONES,  Radios, cassettes or compact disk players,
TV, walkman, Gameboy or other electronic games, jewelry, fireworks, firearms, pets, food, gum, candy/snacks, alcohol, tobacco or any other drug, pocket knives or any other weapon.